At Equator Bottlers Limited we believe in providing a safe and healthy working environment to our staff, contractors and the public. Ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment is our main responsibility, critical to our business, and this applies to all levels of our operations.
We strive to conduct our business in ways that protect and preserve the environment and reduce its damage; we also do so by preventing all incidents, injuries and occupational illnesses through effective management of identified and assessed health and safety risks associated with our operations and products.

  Our key areas of performance with regard to Environmental management include:-

  1. Water resource protection
  2. Climate protection
  3. Solid waste management
  4. Adoption of Operational Excellence as a way of ensuring resource optimization.

  Our key areas of commitment with regard to Occupational health and safety include:-

  1. Preventing occupational injuries and illness through training, performance measurement and continual improvement.
  2. Putting the safety and health of all persons first and as part of business objectives.
  3. Putting the role of safety behavior of all workers as part of their job requirements.
  4. Making safety and health everyone’s responsibility, involvement and accountability
  5. Maintaining safety performance as an important business aspect

The establishment and implementation of our Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety programs are anchored on:-

  1. Compliance to the more stringent of applicable legal, Coca-cola and other statutory requirements related to our operations.
  2. Identifying environmental aspects and safety risks and evaluating the same
  3. Top management support and commitment.
  4. Capable and well trained employees with defined roles and responsibilities.
  5. Performance tracking against goals and objectives.
  6. Incident management and crisis resolution
  7. Stakeholder engagement – we collaborate as appropriate with public and private entities, government, NGO’s and other businesses to advance environmental stewardship initiatives and sustainable business.

Equator Bottlers is certified to ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Safety Management System) and has both a Health and Safety  and a HIV/AIDS Committee.